Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Relationship with You, How's that going?

There are two types of relationships, the one we have with ourselves and the one with everyone else.  We spend so much time working on the connections with family, coworkers, community, religions, etc.  But the most important relationship, the one we have ultimate control over and gives us unlimited resources for navigating this life, is the one that is constantly neglected and trivialized.  And that most precious connection is the one we have with ourselves.

Yes, I know it's not been the highest of priorities for societies, past and present, to support self reliance amongst the people.  As a matter of fact, thinking for yourself and yes valuing the individual has been deemed downright subversive. Well, you can see their point, if you have a community of people thinking and doing for themselves, its a lot harder to control that particular group.  And then how would you get those people to give you money and power if they don't need you to make decisions for them?

Don't misunderstand me, we are social beings and require communities for connection and growth.  But thats only part of the picture and somehow its become the only thing most people focus on.   Life is balance and your personal growth is a key to that equation.   How much time have you spent taking care of your physical and mental body this week?  Are you exercising your decision making muscle and keeping your thoughts positive and productive?  What can you do this week to start incorporating self care into your routine?  Hmm......

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